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Legion Officers 

Commander - 

Sr. Vice Commander - Wayne Fuqua

Jr. Vice Commander - Tom Lindahl  

Adjutant & Finance Officer - Ted Sikora

Chaplain - Glenn Guyer

Historian -   

Sgt-at-Arms - Mitch Shotts


Auxiliary Officers 

President—Lynne Duguay

1st Vice President - 

2nd Vice President - Justine Irwin

Secretary - Judy Jeffreys 

Treasurer - Kristi Endriss

Chaplain/Historian - Charissa Poteet

Sgt-at-Arms - Dani Sullivan


SAL Officers 

Commander - Jason Towner

Sr. Vice Commander - Eric Quinroe

Jr. Vice Commander - Nicholas Ponticiello

Adjutant - Marty Covey

Finance Officer - Richard Fickett

Chaplain - Glenn Guyer

Sgt-at-Arms - Howie Shacket 

Historian - Michael Long


House Committee 

Ted Sikora, Wayne Fuqua, Tom Lindahl and Dana Hessel  

Legion Liaison 

Wayne Fuqua

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